Raw is the way, it's why you are here

Who We Are


Raw Wagon, LLC. is a locally owned raw pet food supply company that is operated in South Florida by two passionate dog lovers.  We provide a raw pet food option that is not available in any pet retail store.  If it was, it would be 4 times more expensive!  Keeping customer costs down is fundamental to Raw Wagon and instrumental in allowing more pet owners to feed a raw diet.  We offer frozen raw pet food that contains the essentials of meat, organs, fats and bone and are produced from chicken, turkey, beef, and salmon.  Our products are packaged in 5lb rolls and are offered in fine or coarse grind and as a whole protein or as a complete blend.  In addition to maintaining a supply of our product core, we are always sourcing out a variety of other local proteins for our customers, from seafood to goat, sheep, lamb and venison, so stay tuned!

Current Services


Currently we offer local pickup by appointment in Palm City, Florida on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 AM - 6 PM.

We also offer shipping to customers that live with in the geographical range of UPS Ground 2 day.

We ship 6 rolls (30 lbs) per box


You must order in increments of 6

If you have questions, please call before you order. 772-800-5566

Current Shipping


At the current time we are able to ship 2 day ground with UPS which will service the southeast as shown in the image above.  Our goal is to get your pet their food as fast as possible.  From time to time there may be unforeseen circumstances out of our control that may delay the processing of your order but we pride ourselves on having open and easily accessible means of communication with our customers.  That being said, please allow 7 business days before expecting your order to ship.  To get a better idea of actual processing time that week please call us at 772-800-5566 before placing your order.

We only ship on Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays so we can allow enough time for delivery/delays before the weekend.  You will receive confirmation email when you order and then another email with the tracking number on the day your order ships.  The delivery driver will be instructed to leave the package at your door.  Your order will be packaged frozen in an insulated foam cooler with dry ice and should remain frozen during transit.  Please place your pet food in the freezer as soon as you receive it.

Future Services


We are dedicated to making raw a realistic option for all pet owners and we need your help by providing feedback.  Our goal in the months to come is to offer a delivery option other than shipping.  We are looking to establish a delivery route for local Florida customers by establishing a scheduled and agreed upon delivery drop locations in your local community throughout Florida.  We also are actively planning to offer smaller individually packaged products based on your pet's needs coupled with subscription based services to avoid the hassle of reordering.

Big News



We have a new offering of inspected veal meat, bone and organ in a fine blend! 

We want to keep everybody in the loop!  Check back here for new updates and be sure to find us on social media. 




Q: Is Salmonella, E. coli or Listeria dangerous to my pets?

A: Pets’ digestive tracts have higher levels of acid than humans, which kill most of these naturally occurring bacteria. Pets’ digestive tracts are also shorter than humans, giving any surviving bacteria little time to multiply. As a result, unless there are other underlying health issues, these bacteria do not pose a significant risk to pets.

Q: Is there anything I can do to lessen the risk of feeding food with bacteria to my pet?

A: Yes. Customers can cook the food to 165 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all bacteria, good and bad.  This is recommended if you believe your pet has a compromised immune system or known health issue.